The pursuit of fashion and elegance is something most of us aspire to. However, not all of us are proficient in fashion and we just don’t know how to put together a look that will exude elegance. It may be difficult to understand what to buy and do to make your style more effortless. If you have found yourself in this type of situation, don’t worry. We have come up with 8 tricks, which will surely make your wholesale women’s apparel timeless. Plus, you might not even have to buy any new clothing items to get a chic and elegant look.

shestar wholesale lantern sleeve v-neck belted floral flounce dress

  1. Looking for Classic Pieces

    For a chic and elegant look, you need to assemble a capsule wardrobe that contains some timeless essential pieces. In this way, you will have items that are always stylish and stay on budget. So, what you need to look for is a few white button-up shirts, a pair of high-waist trousers, a classy pencil skirt, a blazer you can combine with everything, a little black dress and some classic shoes. Owning all of these items in your wardrobe will make it much easier to finish a trendy outfit as there is no wrong way to combine them.

  2. Invest in a Pair of Quality Shoes

    shestar wholesale pointed-toe-over-knee-leather-rider-bootsA large part of your capsule wardrobe is the shoes. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need hundreds of different styles of footwear. You only need to look for a few pairs of high quality shoes that can be worn with all sorts of outfits. Therefore, invest in an eye-catching pair of comfortable high-heels, an elegant and chic pair of flat shoes and some knee-high boots that can get you through the winter while still looking charming.

  3. A Little Black Dress is Worth Your Investment

    shestar wholesale backless-knotted-back-ruched-party-dressThe little black dress is another part of your wardrobe that will never go out of style. You must already have at least one in the closet, but in case it doesn’t, you’ll be happy to hear that they come in various shapes and styles, so that you can easily find it when you go out looking for the perfect closet. For example, you can look for one that has a fun texture, a delicate neckline or some other eye-catching detail. Another great thing about the little black dress is that it can be dressed up and down for different occasions.

  4. Get a Wonderful Coat

    shestar wholesale notch collar tie up woolen overcoatIf the winter season in your country is quite chilly, you will also need to invest in a quality long coat. As the winter is the best time to throw on this statement item that always helps upgrade the appearance. A camel coat can immediately make the appearance look elegant, but there are other colors you can also opt for. What’s more, there are all kinds of cuts you can choose until you find the one that suits you best.

  5. Find a Versatile Bag

    shestar wholesale crocodile pattern one shoulder baguette bagOne item you can see that effortlessly how it will definitely leave an impression of refined is a versatile bag. However, when selecting the bag, you should look for something organized as they always look stylish no matter the size. Although you can opt for neutral shades such as tan, white or black, you can also go for a dazzling color if the rest of your garment is neutral and you want to pop something up.

  6. Go for a Turtleneck

    shestar wholesale bishop sleeve solid turtleneck knitting sweaterKnitting sweaters with a turtleneck can be a way to look more fashionable with almost no effort. Apart from, they can also elongate your neck and make you look great and feel cozy. Another great thing about turtlenecks is that they are also available in summer versions, so you can easily get a chic shirt or dress. Plus, you can also rock a neck scarf. It immediately enhances the outfit and goes great with coats of all women. In addition, there are so many different ways to throw on a scarf that you can always try something new at any time.

  7. Opt for the Right Jewelry

    shestar wholesale rhinestone trim cutout crown earstudsIn terms of jewelry, it is essential that you don’t go overboard but keep it beautiful and minimal. It is easy to looking for some classic pieces that you can wear every day, such as delicate earrings or fine necklaces. Gold and silver are always the timeless jewelry, but pay attention to your skin tone when selecting the right metal. While people with warm skin tones will look better in copper and rose gold. If you are lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone, then you can wear anything you want.

  8. Find a Signature Lip Color

    Most women and girls simply can’t leave the house without a bit of lipstick and a red lip is eternal. A bold red tone can exude your confidence and it will really pop when matched with a neutral outfit. However, not everyone feels confident enough to control it. Don’t worry, you can opt for any color you like that suits you, and it might even become your statement color. But keep in mind that when picking a shade, make sure that it doesn’t make your teeth look yellow.


Finally, I hope that these eight tricks will make it easier to combine certain pieces and look elegant and chic every day. Get some statement items, tailor a few pieces for you to fit perfectly and remember that it’s not just about the garment.