Braving the severe winter cold is a feat on its own, but coming up with wholesale womens clothing that are both stylish and suitable for the weather? Knowing how to dress for winter goes beyond tacking on a warm coat to your usual outfits, it’s a balancing act marked by smart layering and piece-picking.

If keeping warm while embracing your own unique style is a top priority as the cold winter weather settles in, then we’re here to provide you the rundown on the many ways in which you can make your wardrobe work for you, even on the chilliest winter. Regardless of wintertime means ice-frosted buildings and cloudy gray days or your regularly scheduled sunshine and slightly cooler temps, we can solve the trouble for your wardrobe.

Using Style Essentials to Dress for Winter

If you are like most women, your closet is an ever-changing source of inspiration—lending itself to your own tastes while keeping you looking fresh all year round. The arrival of the cold winter calls for warm layers, heavy coats and a keen eye for tying everything together in a fashion that works for you and with you. With the following four winter style wardrobe essentials, you’ll be well equipped with all of the outfits you need for achieving your own personal version of winter fashion.

  1. Outerwear - The Warmth Artifact of Winter

    shestar wholesale Color Blocking Crochet Pocket CardiganThere is nothing better feeling than finishing off your outfit for the day with a coat that really brings your vision to life. Just like wrapping yourself inside of a warm blanket, the right coat can keep you feeling toasty from stepping out of the door to the moment you return home. Experimenting with your outerwear is one of the easiest ways to add dimension, texture, and color to the garment.

  2. Sweater - A Perfect Base Layer

    shestar wholesale Rainbow Sleeve Crochet SweaterWhen it comes to dressing warm for the winter, a sweater can be the perfect base layer to inspire the rest of your attire. Although autumn may be the initial call for sweater weather, winter’s greeting gives you valuable extra time of wearing your favorite cable knits and fleeces. Appropriate for your workdays and your take-off days, sweaters are the material embodiment of warm and comfort feeling your body craves come wintertime.

  3. Shoes - Carrying You Maximum Comfort

    shestar wholesale Women Lace-up Leopard Canvas ShoesKnowing how to dress for winter starts from the ground up. Even if your shoes are the last piece to your dressing puzzle, they should never be an afterthought. Responsible for carrying you maximum comfort on your commute and keeping your toes warm, your shoes should be equal parts functional and fashionable.

  4. Accessories - Exudes Confidence and Style

    shestar wholesale Cherry Butterfly Heart Pendant Multilayer NecklaceAs the final touches of the garment, the accessories tie everything together, creating a perfectly fluid look that exudes full confidence and your unique style. Serving as the bold pops of color to the monochrome clothing and the functional pieces to keep your neck, hands and head warm, accessories are a real elemental piece of any winter wardrobe.

Four Top Tips Make You Stay Warm and Fashion

  1. Tip1: Make Wise Footwear Choices

    Rifling through your winter closet is a completely different experience when it comes to your footwear. Not only do you need to suit yourself up with a pair of shoes that can adapt to whatever weather befalls your city, but those shoes also need to match the same brilliant personality you outfit yourself with every day.
  2. Tip2: Learn How to Layer

    Believe it or not, layering is far less complicated than you initially thought. While it may take a few bouts of trial and error to achieve the runway-ready look you want, having the right tricks up your sleeve will ensure you’re able to create flawlessly layered looks every winter.
  3. Tip3: Pair Your Skirts With Tights

    Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you have to throw away your favorite skirts. Wear your leggy looks well into the wintertime by pairing your winter skirts with tights. The thicker the tights, the warmer you will feel. No need to battle out the cold weather when you’re perfectly and fashionably equipped with the accessories to make your wardrobe work.
  4. Tip4: Accessorize for Added Warmth

    From scarves and beanies to shawls and gloves, there are so many winter accessories that are specifically designed to keep you warm on even the most frosty days. Just like using the art of layering, fine-tuning your eye for accessorizing simply takes a few rounds of experimentation. Whether you choose a pair of faux-fur earmuffs or a pair of vegan leather mittens, your accessories serve as sleek finishing pieces to all of your winter look.

shestar wholesale Double-breasted Windbreaker Jacket With BeltThere’s no right or wrong way to take on your journey toward learning how to dress for winter, as long as your wardrobe is well equipped with the right items. Womens clothing for winter can be just as stylish, bold, minimalist, or refined as the rest of your attire collection—all it takes is a careful eye and confidence to create seamless outfits that feel as good as they look.