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  1. Big News!! Electricity Limitation in China, Stock Up Will Be Trendy for Oversea Wholesalers

    Big News!! Electricity Limitation in China, Stock Up Will Be Trendy for Oversea Wholesalers

    Recently, natural gas has become the king of commodity prices. Asia has skyrocketed 6 times in the past year, and Europe has skyrocketed 10 times in 14 months. With the gradual control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the energy demand brought about by the global economic recovery has increased significantly. Since the second half of 2020, the prices of energy resource commodities such as natural gas, oil, coal, and iron ore have entered an upward channel. But the performance of natural gas prices is particularly outstanding, causing a hot situation in short supply, leading to a rapid increase in natural gas prices.


    In China alone, in the first seven months of this year, domestic natural gas consumption increased by about 24% year-on-year, while domestic natural gas production during the same period only increased by about 10% year-on-year. The gap in this can only be solved by increasing imports. Affected by the rising prices of thermal coal, natural gas,

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  2. Wholesale Leggings

    In recent years, more and more people like to wear leggings. You can see people wear leggings whether in the sports room or outdoors. I think the comfort and convenience of leggings is one of the reasons people love it.

    They are easy to dress up and match everything. You can just wear a loose T-shirt, a loose blouse or crop tops to match with your leggings.

    What's more, you have lots of choices when choosing your leggings as there are many different styles of wholesale leggings made of a various of materials, patterns and colors.

    Are you a sports lover? Just search for sports leggings on SHESTAR. Then you’ll see all the sports leggings with different colors and patterns. Do you want to look cool? Just wear the crop top(or leather coat) and leggings. Do you want to look casual and cute? Put on a pair of ballet shoes, a

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